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What is Konig Games, you say? It is the game studio created by Adam Konig (the blackberry eating man to the right). This website is both a support site for those games as well as a personal portfolio for its creator, Adam. Please have a look around to see what he's been working on, learn more about him, and get support for all your favorite games by Konig Games!

Latest Games


An Airport Game

You have 1 hour to make your flight, but you're about to hit every concievable airport problem you've ever imagined. This Top-Down RPG was a 6 month project where your decisions change whether or not you will or won't be able to make your flight in time. You can choose to be short with people to save time, or to be nice to them, but waste precious minutes. It's availible for iOS, Android, Mac, or PC!

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A peaceful game where you play as a little bee with an even little-er bucket of water. Explore the flower field and cross pollinate different color flowers to make endless combinations. This was my entry for Ludum Dare 46. This game was developed from scratch entirely in 48 hours including art assets, audio, and programming all done entirely by me!



For the 2020 GMTK Game Jam, I teamed up with Sutton Bradley, a friend and fellow Microsoft software engineer to make this top down shooter. The theme for the Jam was "Out of Control" and thus we made a game where when you play as a Good-bot and when you blast the Bad-bots you lose one of your directional "controls" and if you shoot too often you'll find yourself "Out of controls" until you no longer can move and must accept your fate as a sitting duck on the battle field. Free to play on itch.io through the play button below.



Duct was made for Global Game Jam 2020 alongside Dan Gonyea, Kristin Vandeusen, Patrick Godwin, and Justice Shultz. The theme was "Repair" so the game was made off the idea "Duct tape fixes everything." You play as a roll of DUCT tape in an air DUCT patching holes so that poisionous gas doesn't leak into the office! This will finally answer the question, how much duct could a duct tape tape if a duct tape could tape ducts?


Oh Dam!

My entry for Ludum Dare 45! This game was developed from scratch entirely in 48 hours, feel free to play it, leave feedback, and watch the devlog video I made documenting my process.

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A hyper casual, addictive, apple catching arcade game! Relax and watch the applz fall as you attempt to catch them in your basket. Catch multiple in a row to rack up combos and get even more points. Drop 5 applz and its game over! Free on iOS now!

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Pingus is a 2D Platformer. Play in any of the levels or in the new Arcade Mode. In the classic levels, collect all the yellow flowers and race your way to the finish. In Arcade Mode, platforms are randomly generated as you move right. Collect flowers and stay alive to gain points and try to beat your personal best! Pingus is FREE in the iOS app store!



Scarekeepers is a zombie survival game set in a sports bar. Play through the main game surviving 10 waves of zombies to survive the night or play endless mode to try and rack up as many points as possible. Grab health packs, ammo boxes, and long islands to stay alive through a night you won't forget!

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Sheepdog Simulator

A prototype for a game where you play as a sheepdog and scare sheep around a field. This uses the boids AI model to have the sheep behave like a flock of birds. They run around and attempt to stay together and move in the same direction while avoiding colliding with eachother and avoiding getting near the dog. You play as the dog you can chase after them to your hearts content and even bark at them to get them to run away faster!


Ghoulomb the Ghoul

A 2D platforming puzzle game for iOS and also playable on the link below. You play as a Ghoulomb who is a ghoul who can make himself into an outward pushing force or inward pulling force. Use his powers to move objects, solve puzzles, collect gems, and defeat enemies. This world is governed by Gholomb's Law


Space Survivalist

Board a ship and blast your way through oncoming asteroids. Tilt the phone to move your ship about the screen and tap a spot on the screen to turn your ship towards that direction and destroy hazards. Try to hit a green asteroid to power up your blasters and clear the whole screen at once. Once you've lost all your hearts it's game over! Space Survivalist is FREE on the iOS app store!

About Adam

Adam is a graduate of The University of Michigan studying Computer Science Engineering. Outside of his studies, Adam was involved in many student organizations around campus. He was the Head of Engagement for Kappa Theta Pi, the world's premiere professional technology fraternity. Adam also loves theatre and performing. He was the President and a performer for The Comedy Company, also known as ComCo, Michigan's oldest improvized comedy troupe on campus. Adam has spent years working at Blue Star Camps in North Carolina teaching and running games of Dungeons and Dragons. He spent the summer of 2018 working at Boss Fight Entertainment as a Gameplay Engineer and Game Designer. He now works on Xbox Shell team at Microsoft as a Software Engineer, but still finds time to make his own games outside of work every afternoon.

If you wish to learn more about Adam, his resume is below. (Updated 09/30/2019)



To get support for any game by Konig Games or to contact Adam directly, fill out this form or contact him directly at his email below.

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